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Chord Cables VEE 3 range

Well a period of contentment with my own system meant I had not really volunteered  for any reviewing. So when asked “hey Dan, want to review something by Chord?” The involuntary tic had my hand was up quicker than the proverbial rat up a drainpipe. Mmm so what goodies were …

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Aktyna Decoupling System

For an interview with the designer which explains the principles involved much better than there is room for here see www.audiophiles.gr/interviews. These 35mm tall feet are of excellent manufacture and finish likely to last a lifetime. The smaller top inverted cone has a screw hole under the removable foam insert …

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Acoustic Energy Aego M Speaker System Review

How much time do you really spend with your main HiFi? Unless you are lucky enough to be able to sit in front of your main system all day, chances are you have some kind of second system for when you are working from home, or that all too common …

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Atomic Floyd – SuperDarts+ Headphones Review

These ear buds from Atomic Floyd arrived a week or two ago now and I have been using them around the house, on the train and wherever I can to try and get a handle on them. Firstly the packaging is tremendous. Atomic Floyd are clearly going after the Beats …

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Langerton Configuration 217 High End Speaker Review

Spring time in Munich, and the mother of all HiFi shows is well underway. A group of Wammers – bellies sloshing with beer and hearts burning with a porcine overdose of BabyShambles proportions are wandering around enjoying some seriously good HiFi  -and some over priced and naff attempts in between. …

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Bliss music library management software

If you are a long term user of computer audio, or even if you just dabble now and again, you’ll know that the key to a good user experience is accurate tags and decent artwork.  Otherwise the main strengths of file-based music libraries; searching and browsing, become a chore.  Somewhere …

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CAAS Audio – Digital Audio Server and Elysian Mono Blocks

  Turntable: Acoustic Solid 111, with Audio Note Arm, Tenuto Platter and Benz Glider cartridge. Phono Stage: Puresound P10/T10 and Cordette Dual Phono. Speakers: Most listening with  Langerton 217 configuration but also with Audio Physic Classics and Acoustic Energy 305. There are a lot of start ups in the HiFi …

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