Sunday , 30 April 2017

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Wharfedale Announces DX-1SE 5.1 Home Cinema

The DX-1SE consists of four satellite speakers for the front and rear, plus a similarly diminutive centre speaker and a compact active subwoofer. The speakers take their design cues from the multi-award-winning Diamond standmount speakers, albeit shrunk to a much smaller size – the satellites are just 19cm high. The DX-1SE replaces …

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McIntosh Laboratory Launches Luxury Two-box Preamp

The new C1100 utilises a two-chassis design, allowing the control and power sections to remain completely separate from the audio section. The C1100 comprises the C1100 controller and the C1100 vacuum tube preamplifier. Inside each chassis, the left and right channels are electrically and mechanically isolated from each other, to allow true dual-mono operation, …

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Chord Mojo DAC/Headphone amp review

Whether we like it or not, the shape of audio equipment is slowly but inexorably starting to change. Freed from the need to accommodate physical media and with the analogue preamp being challenged by the adjustment of volume in the digital domain, the roles and functions of each box are …

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