It seems the very fast Mclaren from last season was actually a silver Ferrari :lol:

Good job hamilton didnt win it then, wonder how that would of gone down amongst his cock suckers....... er....... I mean the media.

A statement said: "In the light of McLaren's public apology and undertakings, the FIA president [Max Mosley] has asked the members of the World Motor Sport Council for their consent to cancel the hearing scheduled for 14 February 2008 and, in the interests of the sport, to consider this matter closed."

Mosley's request to the World Council is certain to be accepted, meaning McLaren can race next year without fear of penalty and the F1 "spy-gate" can be brought to a close.

The FIA's response came as McLaren revealed that they would freeze development of three aspects of their 2008 design which may have been derived from the Ferrari document.

The FIA's investigation into the design of the 2008 McLaren concluded that the team were planning to use systems which "appear to have been re-investigated and developed by McLaren as a result of the receipt of confidential Ferrari information".