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    Hi folks,

    Being a complete computer novice I need advice, in plain English please, on how to place my photos of items in a Classified advert. They are stored inmy PC, whichis running Windows XP Home Edition.



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    Hi Keith,

    Get yourself set up with a account. Then upload your photo's to photobucket.

    Once the photo's are uploaded, photobucket provides you with the codes to copy and paste into forums to post pictures. The code will look like this:

    [IMG] then the url here .jpg [/IMG]

    Good luck

    "Hugely affable" - Esquire Magazine :-)

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    Indeed it's almost easier than that - with Photobucket once you have uploaded a picture, you get four links below it. As soon as you click on the bottom one ("IMG Code") it will copy the info (and you get a pop-up to tell you that), so you just need to do paste (Ctrl-V) when you are entering your post in here.

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