I'm thinking of building my own Hifi rack. Having been inspired by TNT Audio's design for the "Flexi Table": http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/flexye.html and another thread I read recently but cannot find now about someone's ikea "lack" table-based idea, I thought I might combine the ideas, and make something unique.

Please can you look at the design below. It shows one leg of a table which will have one leg at the rear and 2 at the front (three in total for ease of balance - I know TNT recommend not having a leg running at the centre of the back of the units because it gets in the way of the cabling, but I prefer it for aesthetic reasons). I have sourced all the materials and this can be put together for £40 plus some postage costs I do not know yet. I expect the total build to be fairly short of £60.

Does this seem like a good design? Are there any aspects I've neglected? One problem I envisage and cannot counter yet is one of balance. When I tried the suash ball technique, I noticed the weight in my cd and amp are not evenly distributed (why should it be?) and so the units tilted significantly. Any suggestions? I do not know how firm the damping sheeting is (it is incredibly heavy - each layer will weigh nearly 2 kg).

Any advice/comments/words of warning would be greatly appreciated