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Thread: Leben CS300X

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    Making assumptions about what will and won’t work for you in this Hifi game is a real mistake. Heres a few thoughts on a combo that shouldn't work.

    Who’d have thought a 15w valve amp driving current hunger less than the most sensitive Sonus Faber speakers would be anything less than a disaster. Let alone from a 10 year old budget Samsung DVD player.

    Local Wammer Lazyscott has kindly lent me his Leben while I source a new CDP/Pre. We’d originally decided to try a Naim Pre with my Chapter. Unfortunately the cabling wouldn’t work and rather than muck around with even more boxes LS advised that the Leben ran his SFs perfectly well. I must admit I was dubious. I play music from across the spectrum, only a little occaisional Classical mostly Ryan Adams through Placebo stoping off at Suzanne Vega and the Long Blondes with maybe a little Massive Attack. In other words the system has a decent work out.

    Connected with el-cheapo s/e ic’s the sound this combo produces is remarkable. In a word I’d sum it up as engaging. Small scale acoustic music has real presence, female vocal is particularly sweet. Vocals are natural and less nasal than I had expected.The system doesn’t have the resolution I’m used too. Talking Heads is playing as I write and you don’t get that sense of the skin’s of the percussion being beaten but it’s all there and the toe’s tap along perfectly nicely. Soundstage lacks a little atmosphere - there isn’t the sense of an acoustic space I’m used to and when pushed things get a little congested. Much of this might be mitigated by a more efficient speaker and better source. I’ll be interested to hear what a better source might bring. What the system lacks just doesn't get in the way of enjoying the flow of themusic.

    Baring in mind any criticism is based on comparison with £11.5k of CDP & Pre/Pwr I’m bowled over by how good it sounds. I can imagine this amp, a good source and some efficient small speakers could be the answer for many a music lover with a small listening room and close neighbour’s.

    It's been in residence for only a few days, if I can pull myself away from listening I'll add to these thoughts at a later date.

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    I'm glad you are pleased Def. It is always refreshing to hear good luck stories when box swapping.

    I had a similar experience lately when I tried a tube amp with my Townshend speakers. I had always been one who insisted on powerful SS amps and had never entertained the thought of trying tubes with those particular speakers. I got the shock of my life when, for no other reason than I was pissing around at the time, I hooked up the tubes. Whaow! I always thought tubes were never powerful enough for anything other than little shelf speakers.

    Its all an education.

    Let us know how you get on. Hope it lasts.
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