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    I dug-up this thread, searching for advice on 4x4s.

    How the f8ck do LandRover do it? How can you make a Discovery and not have height adjustable seats? And how do you make such a big vehicle, with such a small amount of space inside?

    The Freelander was worse, I'm too tall to drive one. I'm only 5' 11" and my eyeline is level with the top of the windscreen.

    I think I'll stick with my original choice(s), SWB Patrol, Landcruiser or Trooper.
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    Beobloke wrote:
    Jezzer wrote:
    Sat in front of me in the traffic this morning was a 56 plate Discovery .....
    ......blah blah blah aren't they rubbish and unreliable.........
    ...but not with a three year old Range Rover.
    Well, which one was it then?

    Normally at this point I would dive in head first to sneer at the Jap-crapthat's been mentioned so far,bang on about how wonderful Land Rovers are and how brilliant the Disco 3 is (when it's working) but as the OP is a caravannist and has five stinking mutts (WHY??!) I wouldn't like to see such a wonderful vehicle subject to such treatment.

    Therefore, my advice is - go for an Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5.

    Must admit, if I had 5 mutts I'd be driving them 'round in a £500 banger.

    I love the new Discos, much nicer lookers than the current Range Rover (which has been ruined by the sales rep 'Sport' model).

    Still,a good 90% ofroad-going 4WDs are huge and unnecessary Tonka trucks - IMO, YMMV etc.
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