i got this on wenesday from a fellow wammer, it was in perfect nick the remote looks brand new, it reads the discs very quickly about 10 seconds, any command you give is also very very quick, but dont like the red read out very much, but you can turn it off so i have, had a couple of hours with it that night first impressions were its a bit brighter than my shanling, but also clearer, but the soundstage is very diffrent much wider and a bit weird sounds like there are two tracks playing one for each speaker

turned it on thursday night and left it powered up for a good listen on friday evening and it seemed to have settled in more i toed my speakers in a bit more and got the sound more focased, on leonard cohens so long marianne the backing singers sounded to be well to the left of the left speaker. dire straits money for nothing the drummer was up above centre( the upward fireing drivers in my koras probley helped with that) its still slightly brighter than the shanling but not in a bad way, so im well pleased with it, plus i have sold my unico cd on so this only stands me at £200 so im thinking amp upgrade as i still have soom cash in my hi-fi fund, but im comeing to the pie show so may get soom ideas there