Yet again, I need some speaker advice.

The Musical Fidelity MC-5's are performing with this little Ion Obelisk. They bounce, and are beautifully musical. They fill the room with music wonderfully. Since sticking them in the corners they also do the bass frequencies more than adequately.

I also have a pair of Kefkits - bought recently through the 'wam. They're basically the same drivers as the LS3/5a, with Falcon Acoustics crossovers, in a 3 foot (ish) cabinet with some interesting bass porting. they bring out amazing detail and highlight vocals wonderfully. Unfortunately they're less generous with their "throw" - the sweet spot for stereo is a bit more restricted.

What I'm looking for- and please remember, I'm swimming in the shallow end of the hi-fi pool - is speakers with a generous throw, yet still some detail to them. Can anyone make any recommendations as to speakers I should consider?