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    Just won some MS Pageant series 2 speakers with stands off Ebay for £15, which I think is a bargain. I'm off to pick them up on Saturday. Thing is I have no idea what they're like. Any good? They will be wired up to a Quad 33/303 amp.

    Marky P.

    Marky P

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    Mark - if these are the original Pageant 2's from the (very) early 80's then they'll be a very nice speaker. My dad used to own a pair of the slightly smaller Festival 2's and they were very good indeed. There was also the Carnival 2 which was the baby of the range.

    Would love to hear another pair now.

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    I had the original Pageants in the `70s and drove them with an Armstrong 621 (40wpc) amp. Sounded great at the time, played them to death, well not quite, my mate in Cornwall has them bothnow and they still don`t sound all that bad.

    At that sort of money it has to be worth a punt.

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