Thanks for the info, just looking for an upgrade to my Mission 70's which I like but tend to distort a little too easily. Don't want to spend too much money and saw the Kef Coda 9's advertised for £75. I don't like an overly bright sound as it just makes me want to turn it off after a short time. Someone said they were surprised my Missions weren't too bright but I think the amp must be keeping a lid on them. Can you suggest anything? I looked at the new Wharfedale Diamond 10.1's which seem to get good reviews and a pair of Dali's for a touch more cash but prefer a used bargain as long as they're in mint condition. Music I tend to listen to ranges from Michael Buble to AC/DC, Nickelback, mainly rock to be fair(unless the wifes in).

Also looking for a CD player as currently using a dvd player, someone has recommended a Marantz pm52 as a good used player for around £60?

Sorry to ask so many questions.