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    FS: Linn Akurate DS


    Decided to sell my fantastic Linn Akurate DS. Sad, really, as it is the best source I have heard in my system, but I need the cash more than I need the player.

    I got this off AlexG a few months ago, who had had it less than a year, so I think it will be just over a year old. It does not have the Dynamik power supply - I'll leave that upgrade for the purchaser, if desired! It is silver, boxed and appears mint; has the latest firmware. Happy to post worldwide.

    I use this with the Squeezebox Linn Skweezy plug-in, which works very well. Obviously you can use the Linn system if you wish.

    If the purchaser also wants to buy any of the following, a good price can be agreed:

    • Squeezebox Duet (use the Receiver for the Skweezy plug-in, and the Controller as a Controller)
    • iPod Touch (as a controller, with the iPeng plug-in or for the Linn system)
    • Nokia 770 (controller)

    If you are not into the whole computer audio thing and would like me to build and configure you a server, I can also do that at cost. I could probably sort a nice quiet Ubuntu server for just a few hundred quid, although this will have a lead time of a couple of weeks to sort parts and time to build it, and would be UK only. Heck I can even throw in a wired router and configure the whole lot, I should be a dealer!

    Price of the Linn is 2,500 or close offer, good price available to contributing Wammers

    Stock image shows just what mine looks like:

    This is now sold
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    I'd love to buy this, but

    1. I'm not toally sure I understand how it works, and if it works how I think it does I would have to turn the house on its head
    2. I don't have the cash
    3. The missus would kill me

    So please accept a humble bump from me instead.



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    Great bit of kit this. I've heard Lefty's DS before and at Scalford this very unit compared equally to Mark's Modwright Transporter IMO. Good luck with the sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa Lazarou View Post
    Great bit of kit this. I've heard Lefty's DS before and at Scalford this very unit compared equally to Mark's Modwright Transporter IMO. Good luck with the sale.
    *nods agreement*
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