Ringmat support system looks like this

I think it is the standard package- it contains
1 small white card mat with cork rings
1 large whire card mat with cork rings
1 rubber mat
2 green spacers
2 yellow spacers
2 blue spacers
1 light blue spacer
1 clear spacer
1 small black/clear spacer thing.

Dont ask me what they do, or how they work. My deck has a ceramic platter, and a mat made from angel hair or something similar. and I have no reason to want to try the
ringmat. It has a Russ Andrews sticker on the box, so I guess it must be the dogs doo dahs.

after that sales pitch, I would think even the biggest sceptic would be interested, so If you are into this kind of stuff its yours for 45.oo posted in the UK