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Thread: Hypex modules

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    Hypex modules

    Thinking of dusting my soldering off again.
    Anyone have any experience with these? I have read about these a fair bit online, but was after some wam experience too.

    I was thinking of the 180watt UcD180HG with HxR, which should be plenty of grunt for my Tannoys. Still not decided between using a transformer and one of their regulated supplies or using the switch mode power suppply.

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    hallo mate, give HoopsOnToast a pm he was talking about them some time ago.
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    I would recommend EcoTeC amplifier modules. Made in the UK and can be seen here : http://www.amplifier.co.uk/index.htm

    Not a big fan of switch mode PS usually end up with RFI problems
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    Hi, I looked into it a while back, they are very simple to do (from what i have read) as its really just plug and play. There are a lot of projects on the tinterweb using these modules. As well as a few commercial amplifiers that have them.

    The UCD-180 module is only 90WPC into 8 Ohms, something like the UCD-400 module (200WPC into 8 Ohms) might be a better bet, just for fun!

    They do have plate amps with DSP / Crossovers built in so you could go active at the same time -

    Which is something i have also looked into
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