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Thread: Member's List

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    Member's List

    Where is the member's list? According to the FAQs it should be in the main navigation bar at the top but it's not there on my browser. Also, what's the quickest way to find a member's username when you want to send a PM? You have to get the spelling, case and any spacing accurate otherwise the message won't reach them and I can never remember how most names appear.

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    The full members list isn't there any more. I think Dom posted some reason why but I can't remember.

    I store a list of certain wammers in my 'Contacts' file and this makes them essy to access, usefull when organising bake offs etc as you can also send a PM to more than one person.

    If it is the first time you are sending a PM just start typing the name, after about 3 characters a drop down list appears showing all the names with those letters and you can just click on the one you want.
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    I've found the contacts file, useful tip that, thanks Kevin. The FAQ relating to the members list needs to be amended as it's no good referring members to that section if it's not accurate.

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