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    In the Hi-Fi industry?

    25W NAF 845 SET amp enough to power QUAD 63?

    In your opinion would this combo be possible and more importantly, desirable? I'm torn between the 57s and 63s. Any suggestions/experiences welcomed...

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    In the Hi-Fi industry?
    In my opinion, it would work very well indeed.

    63 vs 57? I'd go for the 57, imo the 63 is pretty boring in comparison. I'd bet the NAF 845 would sound superb with Quad 57s.
    Life's too short for boring hifi!

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    Stats + tubes = something nice. Despite their appearance, 57s all the way.

    These things age, though, and much depends on the state of the panels. A bad pair will suck, a good pair will not fail to impress, but will be low on slam and bass extension.

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