For sale is my beloved Audio Innovations series 500 integrated amp. It is rated at 25 watts per channel class A. I have the original box, not photo'd since it is in a lock-up unit a few miles away.

Phono input (+ earth, obviously), CD, Tuner, Aux., Monitor, Tape, Tape 1 Out, Tape 2 Out.

Output taps: 16 ohm, 8 ohm and 4 ohm.

I have had this amp since 1991 and it has been lovingly cared for I take care of all my stuff. It has lived in a smoke-free, pet free and kid-free home. For the last 3 years I have used it to bi-amp my speakers (tweeters only). It is only departing since I am going 'active' and I need 2 identical power amps. It works perfectly well.

It has been serviced twice in the time I have owned it and I entrusted this to Doug Brady's in Warrington. The last time it was in, they needed to replace a valve and 1 of them is different to the rest. You may be able to see this on the pics. They rang me and gave me the options before proceeding expensive or cheaper. I didn't see the need to go for a fully matched set bearing in mind its use. The purists will label me a heathen for this! But those in the know will be aware this amp can be tweaked to perform way out of its skin. I once heard one with a Border Patrol power supply mod and the difference was immediately obvious greater transparency.

Cosmetically it is in good (some would say 'very good') condition. There are slight scratches on the underside of the perspex top cover caused by the screws underneath. Otherwise it looks and sounds the part.

I am not a tecchie but I know what sounds good and there's lots of interesting stuff about AI here:

... and from pinkfish:

... and here from Border Patrol:

I am asking 495 for it + delivery (UK only). I'm not too sure of its value since they rarely come up for sale. I know that power amps are around 650 each. There are some power amps now on ebay but no integrateds. I would prefer pick-up from here because of its weight.

I will post pics later when I have worked out how to do it.

Happy New Year!