but I thought you would like to hear how the uninteresting can be useful.
I bought a diesel estate.
Wait, it gets worse.
I bought a used toyota avensis diesel estate.
Here's my thinking. Life is shite...I have a lot of worries and cares (sob). What I DONT want from a car is any hassel. Any sign of problems will result in my taking an axe to it.
Later, when things are calmer, I'll probably buy something italian, or a Landy, or another bike, but NOW
So. What I REALLY wanted was a merc because they are soft, quiet and comfy.
We drove a few older E-Class diesels to see if they were as good as our (then) W124 320 coupe....and they are not. Anyway I cant afford what I want.
I was aiming for something comfy (goodbye bmw), quiet (goodbye mazda), reliable (goodbye ford, volvo, saab, and merc).
The new Audi A4 was v good....liked that, but way too much money, the old one being much less nice to drive. Had Fords, Volvo V50 rock hard ride, BMW 1 and 3 series seats poor, and 1 series rides like a mazda....hardish...not what we wanted. New subaru massively bland and costly to run, older one crap seats and no leg room....Honda? Ugly...sorry honda owners, but UGLY.
So....Finally gave in and test drove an avensis D 4D TR. 38000 on the clock, manual box.
1st impression...this is SO quiet. AND comfy to ride in...potholes vanish. Plenty of pull (about mid 9's to 60 but torquey like all diesels and moves well from 2-3500 revs)
6 gears means cruising at 75 at 2000 revs = 65mpg. Averaging around 46 at the mo, fairly gentle driving but lots of town work and small C road stuff, so very happy with that. Reliability so far, pointless to mention, but no squeaks or rattles, and if it lives up to Toyota's top billing then hoorah say I.
And FUN I hear you cry?
Not 'fun' no. Steering is slightly vague and uncommunicative, handling 'OK'...tracks well, although the heavy diesel makes it run on in corners a tad when pushing hard and no power at all under 1600 revs, so gearbox needs stirring a lot.
BUT, as a wagon, as a car to get you anywhere, anytime, in quiet and comfort, cheaply and unobtrusively
About right for a blioke of what? 60 ish?