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    FS: Arcam AVR100 Receiver for 70

    Arcam AVR100 receiver in black, with remote control and manual but no box. Excellent condition, but has a slight hum through the speakers. It is just about audible when no music is playing, but I've never noticed it when audio is being played. Seems to be more obvious if bass is turned up on tone controls. It is by no means loud, just noticeable in a quiet room. I honestly dont know if it is just normal for this amp, down to my mains cabling or speakers, or indicates a fault. Hasn't got any worse in the year or so I've owned the amp.

    Otherwise an excellent and very musical AV amp that I used in my home cinema setup. Decodes Dolby digital and DTS, has analogue, optical and co-ax inputs, and a decent AM/FM radio. Only does composite or s-video switching - No component or HDMI, but does have 5.1 in and pre-outs.

    New arrival means I've downsized to a Yamaha soundbar for a more child-friendly solution.

    Slight hum as described means I'm only looking for 70 - seem to go on ebay for around 150 so I think thats fair.

    Collection from Bath, BA2 preferred as its heavy and has no box. May also be able to deliver/meet up anywhere down M4 between Bath and London.

    Pics to be added later when I figure out how.

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