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    Beast of a valve amp going cheap


    My VAC PA60C monoblocks were delayed but return from servicing this week, so the amplifier I bought to tide me over is now properly up for sale. It's currently on ebay for £495 but I'm reducing the price here to a measly £450 (which is what I paid) collected. NOW sold

    It's a Tim de Paravicini design of Esoteric Audio Research fame, and an early commercial proposition from Antony Michaelson who later founded Musical Fidelity. It's uses a total of eight EL34 valves, in parallel push-pull, producing a very conservative 40w in Tim de P's trademark 'enhanced ultralinear' mode. The result is a seriously beefy amp that will drive real-world speakers many amps struggle with, yet still manages to be detailed and subtle where required. Active preamp stage (2 x ECC83, 2 x ECC85) complements the power stage. The EL34s are little used and indeed the whole thing inside and out looks as if it's hardly had much use at all in its life - this is probably the best surviving example. Sounds stunning with Tannoys, Quad ESLs (even the hard to drive ones like 63s or 989s) or even Rogers LS3/5's - configuration is very similar to the Rogers E40 designed to power them.

    Anyway this needs to be moving on soon - sound superb with my Tannoys so come and have a listen (Reading area). Lots more pics inside and out on request just ping me your email address.

    It is possible to run it with the valve covers on the 'wings' removed for extra cooling - I think it looks quite smart this way.

    Possible swap for a tonearm or cartridge - what have you got? - or a pair of Quad ESLs.

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