I bought this a month or so ago from fellow wammer catcando and sadly need to move it on to raise some money.

To quote from catcando's thread:

"This package is for sale, but will not be available for delivery, until its replacement arrives, in a couple of weeks.
This is a clear acrylic plinth and lid, with a black platter and arm. It comes with an Ortofon Rhondo Red cartridge (385) prefitted. It also comes with the basic Project Speedbox, for electronic speed change 33/45. It uses standard RCA cables from turntable to your phono stage, and I will include a decent pair.
I am the second owner, and it still only has less than 100 hours use. The sale to me was because of non use, and my sale is due to an upgrade.
This package punches well above its price point, as the reviews attest, and a few recent listeners at mine, can verify.
I have all the original packing, and can ship, at cost, to the buyer,but am happy for it to be collected and demoed.
This was about 1050 when released, and can now be found for 899 new.
This is for sale for 450.
One of the places to buy new, and with details and photo http://www.audioaffair.co.uk/Pro-Jec...ge/product_410"

The full original thread is here:

Gregg damaged the end of one of the cartridge leads in getting it ready for me and so knocked another 50 off and sold it to me for 400 which was a bargain. I have subsequently repaired the lead (the red one) with a nice new Cardas tag and heatshrink and it is now in perfect order.

I have probably added no more than 20-30 hours to the deck and am happy to sell for the 400 I paid. Please no offers at this price! Postage at cost but collection preferred.