Now the 401's been sold, my 3009's up for sale. This one's in really nice condition, not mint, but it does look extremely smart. It received a full service earlier this year by the 'Arm Meister' himself, Johnnie7 at Audio Origami where it had a full Cardas internal re-wire (external wire is still standard SME as somehow there are people who prefer this - nostalgia I think!) and bearing lube with adjustment to factory settings.

It also had a new counterweight de-coupling rubber fitted by Johnnie and the cueing damping pot has been replenished. You could therefore say the arm is pretty much good as new, and the improvement in its sound has not been subtle - it's a lovely old thing, and being an early SII it will cope with MC cartridges quite happily (it's a higher mass than the 'Improved'). Also, there are new bedplate grommets fitted.

Included will be 2 screening cans (vertical and horizontal plug exit) and assorted hardware. I don't use one with the arm though as it doesn't hum anyway. Oh...there's also the original SME owner's booklet. Should add that no headshell nor cartridge are included.

Price: 200 including insured delivery within the UK.

Couple of pics...

Firstly on my old TD150 with the arm pre-service:

The other day:

Please pm if interested.