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    How to post pictures in your Classifieds advert.

    YOU MAY ASK "why?".

    The answer is "because people will think you are a lazy, stupid or scamming cunt hiding something if you don't...".

    Your pictures are your most important sales tool, especially when selling something expensive. No pictures may mean no or slow sale and silly low-ball offers. You lose money for the sake of a little bit of effort.

    When you sell secondhand kit, you rely on trust. By posting pictures you establish your bona-fide and let people see what they're buying. It also helps protect you from malicious claims of imaginary cosmetic defects, and if things are damaged in-transit, you have evidence for buyer and courier alike.

    "But I don't have a digital camera!". Hello, Rip Van Winkle, and welcome to the 21st Century. Most mobile phones and laptops have cameras built in, and most people under the age of 80 have one too, so I'm sure if you ask nicely, friends or relatives will help.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________


    You host your pictures on a remote server - this means the forum's precious resources are not wasted and you get a bigger, better image.

    You will need an account with a free photo hosting site such as Free Photo Hosting, Photobucket, Flickr, Image Shack, or TinyPic.

    Each site has its own, very similar protocol for uploading images, so once you have your account set-up, you simply look for the button or words "upload", click on it and you're off.

    A dialogue will come-up asking you where you want to upload from (e.g. "my computer"). The choices are self-explanatory, so select the appropriate option and follow the instructions to select the image/s you want for your ad.

    Once they are uploaded, you will need to copy the web address of your image.

    Most sites will show your pictures as a series of clickable thumbnails - hovering the cursor over them or selecting them will then give you an option to select the image's web address (e.g. "http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/...ing_9_2008.jpg").

    Highlight it by selecting with your cursor, then Ctrl + C copies it to your computer's clipboard (some do all this simply by clicking on the address).

    Now it's time to head over to the 'Wam to post your image into the ad that you are writing. Let's assume you already have the Post New Thread option open in Classifieds.

    Choose the point in your ad that you want the image, and then select the "Image" button in the grey panel at the top of the dialogue box.
    It looks like this: (enlarged a little for clarity)

    A new "Insert Image" pop-up will open, with two main options: "from computer" or "from URL". Select "from URL".

    In the URL box you can now paste the web address (URL) of your image using Ctrl + V.

    Underneath the URL box is a tick box which says "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" - untick this.

    Now you can hit the green "OK" button.

    Your image should now appear in the dialogue box alongside the text you have written fully describing your item for sale and the price you want for it.

    Good luck with your sale.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________


    Make sure your item is well-lit and in-focus; daylight is best.

    Make sure your item is clean: dust and greasy fingerprints make it look uncared for and can look like damage, all lower the price you'll get.

    Take close-ups of any damage - saves you and the buyer a lot of hassle and expense later, I promise.

    Picture it working, assuming it does actually work!

    Include images of manuals, warranties, remote, leads, other accessories and box/packaging if you have them.

    DON'T use stock images from dealers, ebay etc. - people will assume you're a scammer and give you a wide berth.

    DON'T photograph reflective surfaces in the nude, you damned freak!
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