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In the 350 bracket you should be able to find a Graham Slee Era Gold V with PSU-1.
MM only but produces a lovely clear, detailed, well balanced sound which I much prefered to other stages in the price bracket that I tried (P10, Dino, DV75).

For sound per pound the Musical Fidelity X-LPSv3 is hard to beat with a MM/HOMC.
They go for around 125 (used) which is a bargain.

Also in this price range you could have a new Lehmann Black Cube (statement version) which punches well above its weight.
The original Black Cube is even better again but they're hard to find on the used market and run 450 new.
I second this comment about the Black Cube. Mine is a few years old and pre-dates the 'Statement'. Very good all rounder and can be improved with a better Black Cube psu. If you're handy with a soldering iron however you could get good vfm with one of the kits. I'm personally looking at valve kits at the mo.