Hi guys,

Just wanted to thank you all. I havent really posted here much in the past but I've been a keen reader for a goodfew months and thanks to all your experience, enthusiasmand many many informative posts - not to mention your willingness to sell me good kit via the classifieds- I've got to where I want to be with my hi-fi.

I wont give a full review just yet - just a quick summary. When I 1st startedhere I had:

Arcam FMJ A22
Marantz CD7300
Rogers LS7t

Now I have got:

MF A308
Exposure 2010s CD player
Dynaudio 1.8MK II
No money ;)

Apart from the no money bit I am chuffed to bits. To my ears the hi-fi is sounding absolutely fantastic. Powerful, room-filling, controlled, rythmic, detailedand above all fun to listen to.

I only got the amp this evening but when I've had a bit more time to listen I shall (try to) post a more "hi-fi" review of it.

Thanks Keith