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    In the Hi-Fi industry?

    WTD: iPod based system (separates or otherwise)

    I have a friend (yes, really ) who is taking his first tentative (bless him) steps into 'hi-fi'.

    What he is looking for is a nice looking, decent sounding minimalistic mini / micro system that will allow him to play his iPod through his headphones and through speakers (ideally not built-in). He has a budget to about 4 - 500, new or second hand and has so far looked at the Pro-ject Dock Box (variable output), Head-Box, Pro-ject Amp (power) combination (because it looks right) with Q Acoustics speaks to give you a flavour.

    Does anybody have anything different (or even similar) that they would like to sell.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    In the Hi-Fi industry?
    Arcam Solo or Solo Mini perhaps....

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