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    Well thanks for Rich, Graham, Henry and Dave for coming over, been a great weekend.

    Various Kit-

    Radford STA-15 (Graham)
    Homebrew DAC (Rich)
    Homebrew Phono (Rich)
    AR TT/ Audio Origami PU7 / Transfiguration Aria (Henry)
    Aqvox Phono 2CI Phono Stage (Henry)
    Sonic Euphoria Passive Pre Amp (Henry)
    Ray Samuels Knighthawk Phono Pre Amp (Dave)

    And Mine-

    Luxman PD-272 / Denon DL-103
    Philips CDP-850
    Decware Zen
    Keesonic Kolts

    Some photo's of the kit- (Not the best photo's I am afraid)

    1 by hoopsontoast, on Flickr

    2 by hoopsontoast, on Flickr

    Henrys AR TT-

    3 by hoopsontoast, on Flickr

    Rich's DAC/Pre (Top) and Henrys Passive Pre (Bottom)-

    4 by hoopsontoast, on Flickr

    Grahams Radford and HP Test Equipment-

    5 by hoopsontoast, on Flickr

    Dave's Ray Samuels Knighthawk Phono Pre-

    6 by hoopsontoast, on Flickr

    And back to normal -

    7 by hoopsontoast, on Flickr

    And Thanks to Dave again, for letting me borrow the Ray Samuels Pre
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