So I gave up on my passat 1.8t, it was drinking fuel like a starved fish. 30 mile round trip was costing me 20 in cheap unleaded!

I looked and looked but couldnt find anything in budget down here, I travelled to nottingham to find a car that turned out to be a shed, not like its pics. I gave up, then one day randomly bored browsing autotrader I found my current car... 16 miles away.

Went to look at it, drove it, liked it very much, bought it.

Much better on fuel, 30 miles costs me about 3.20 now!! Car is actually much faster, so much more refined, and so pathetically EASY to just waft around.

Negatives: Diesel, so can hear at idle, it is quiet however. DSG doesnt always change up when you think it should, it trys to match speed with gears, whereas I try to get into 6th as quickly as possible. A gearchange is only a fingertip away however. Will remap it this summer, then it should be pretty perfect for me.

Mucho Pleaso, and the price? Sub 5k ;)