I recently sold my Lyngdorf CD1 and replaced it with a Sony X3000ES, which to my ears manages 90% of the performance of the CD1 for significantly less money. I would like however to try and claw back that extra 10% and maximise the potential of the Sony as a transport by adding a separate DAC.

Budget is around 400 and there seem to be several contenders, however many of the reviews I read are for DACs being used purely with PC audio setups. I would like to know whether any of these sound good when used with a CD transport spinning those good old vintage silver discs.

I am looking at:

Rega DAC
SimAudio Moon 100D
Musical Fidelity M1 DAC
Firestone Audio Spitfire Mk2
Arcam rDAC

Are there any others worth considering for similar money? I like the look of the Audiolab MDAC but it's a bit out of my price range, should I wait until the Westlake "budget" DAC that I've been reading about on here becomes available?

Thanks all for the benefits of your experience