Hi all,

I would really appreciate a little advice.

Having thus far managed to hold back from the blue-ray upgrade I have not needed to change my amp, a Sony STR-DB930 QS.

Well I still haven't moved over to blue-ray but i have come by an HD-DVD player (Toshiba HD-EP30) and quite a few HD films.

This can also be easily upgraded to EP35 which supports bitstream audio ... which is tempting.

What I want to know is whether there is a cheapish (ideally sub 100 but no more than 150) amp out there which would replace my Sony STR-DB930 QS but support HDMI and bitstream audio decoding.

Thing is ... I really love my amp because it gives such a good straight audio sound too and this will be important.

One amp that has been mentioned already is the Onkyo 605. Does anyone know how well this fits the bill and whether or not it is any good at 2 channel?

Thanks for your ideas guys,