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    whatever it is Paul, the 401 with v9 rosewood unipivot and SAE cart leaves the techy copy that measured, if measured is the right word, for dead. Cannot remember what the results were with the tracks, may do it again when I get back from les alpes, mountain biking, where I am at present. Wish me luck today as it pissed with rain day and night yesterday and may be a tad slippy this morning.
    Good luck mate and don't do what I did last time I took the mountain bike down a big mountain! (clue... broken ribs, pelvis, shoulder and spinal injuries!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobC View Post
    Nice take on the skeletal plinth Paul, realy nice, quality finish to it.

    What's all this talk about haddocks again
    Cheers's the hot the smoked haddock!

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    have tried the broken rib thing twice, didn't enjoy the recovery much, but nothing like your injuries mate.........respect.
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    In the Hi-Fi industry?
    I've only found this thread after looking around for plinths for my 401.
    I love the look of what you've built.
    Did you create any templates which you'd be willing to share?


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