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    Cholmondeley pageant of power (pic heavy)

    My mate won tickets to the preview show today, and a test drive in the new BMW 6 Gran Tourer. Great day out but weather was very bad at times. Lots of cars and some Top gear ones too. Nice ladies too but no pics. Look out for a special Aston Martin!

    6 was nice but the stand out of the day was the speed at which the Bentley Conti went round the circuit. Just so fast and stable.

    Also, found my next car there :argie:

    Anyhow, please excuse the picture quality (and non rotated pics) as these were taken on my mobile and make a cup of tea.




    The driven car

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    Had a great day there today. Here are a few unusual ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnilS View Post
    ...Great day out but weather was very bad at times...
    Same story every year. Two years there have been heavy thunder storms. It always seems to rain heaviest on c-pop weekend.

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