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    NEW Quadral Aurum Wotan VIII --- 1990.00 (5 Globes Hi-Fi World)

    Introducing the Quadral Aurum Wotan VIII

    Good afternoon everyone.

    We'd like to bring this wonderful loudspeaker to your attention. Using a ribbon tweeter, the high end sound is clear and intensely detailed. The bass is powerful, and the overall design is an engineering masterclass.

    Receives 5 globes in Hi-Fi world (Aug 2012)

    "A compact floorstander that sounds clean and detailed, with lovely treble and great detail. It needs little power too. Fine for Rock and Classical."
    -Noel Keywood

    See here for full spec and additional details:
    Manufacturers website here:

    FOR FREE DELIVERY: Quote ref HFWQW8 when calling.

    Kind regards

    Jordan Craig
    Audio Emotion

    p: 01333 425999
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