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    Audiostatic Wing electrostatic speakers with Fins

    I heard a lesser version of these superb ESL speakers being driven by Jeff Rowland monos at the Heathrow show years ago and I never forgot the articulate, natural but also dynamic sound they produced. The best I heard at the show. I recently found a pair for sale and just had to try them, being the first ESLs I've ever owned. Quad ESL never did it for me for the music I listen to but I can say these Wings have a beautiful mid and top, hearing breaths and nuances in the music that I didn't hear before. Their bottom end is amazingly punchy coping well with some faster music. If a lot of your music is vocal, girl+guitar, folk then these just need to be heard! Although this constitutes some of my music, the majority is more complexed synth/electronic/bass/vocal/guitar so box speakers can reproduce this more to my liking. If I liked simpler more relaxing music, I'd be keeping these.

    They're single wire with WBT posts and come with the Fins (an extra $1500) which fix on the back allowing better sound dispersion and dynamics. They're in great condition in original boxes and manual, weighing approx 30kg. The fins are in a separate box (one set without a box). The Wings I believe are Audiostatic's top of the range speakers.

    Selling for 1100 (cost approx 5000 new) and can deliver around M4/M5 areas of Bristol area. For collection you'll need an estate car as they're 2m long. An insured courier will be risky and expensive so collection/meet up is my preference.

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    Excellent speakers that really come into their own when equalized using Lyngdorf / Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core....especially if they can't be placed for best response.
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    Bump. My room is SMALL and they still sound great. Better without toe-in actually.

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    A spring bump. Open the windows and doors and get some crisp realism in your sounds with these panels of art. Delivery option still fine for Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Wiltshire areas. Make me a 4 figure offer because otherwise I'll have to resort to the Bay (prefer to keep things in the Wam).

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    Weekend bump. If you want to try a quality electrostatic with bass, try this one. Moving it on won't mean you're out of pocket too. But what will guests say when they see these tall handsome silver products of modern engineering eh?

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