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    Speak Tweaks Bitumen sheets

    Just wonder if anyone has tried adding damping sheets to the inside walls of speaker enclosures ? and was it a waste of time.

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    It will change things for better or worse if they have enough mass.
    If you have thinwalled undbraced panels the resonances will drop in frequency and may increase in amplitude. If that is an intrinsic part of the design like the Spendor BC1 it is a good thing, if it not taken into account it is bad thing. Take a look at the link below (google translator is your friend if your german is not up to it). I use the combination of softboard 12mm and 10mm felt.


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    I use heavy roofing felt with stone chippings, stuck down with WATER based adhesive. Do not use solvent based adhesive, you will regret it!
    This method has reduced cabinet vibrations in my builds, but it is only one part of the treatment, so YMMV.
    Oh, and looking at the link posted above, you will see that ceramic tiles had a strong effect; I have used large 15mm limestone slabs as the outside covering as well, and that pretty much killed anything coming out through the panels.
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