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Jolida Glass FX Tube Dac III

  After finally getting around to ripping my CD collection it seems that 2013 has been the year that I started to seriously look at some standalone DAC options and try and see what separates one from another. I mean its all digital so surely a DAC is a DAC …

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Audio Physic – Classic 30 Loudspeaker Review

Audio Physic Classic 30 Speakers Reference System Analogue: Acoustic Solid 111, Audio Note Arm 1 and Benz Glider cart. Amplification: Puresound P10 and T10 phono Stage, Modwright Pre amp and Advantage (Bladelius) power amp. Ancillaries: RJC Lamina Rack. Mains Cables by MCRU and Interconnects by Wychwood Audionics.     There’s …

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Chord Electronics Chordette Dual Phono Stage Review

Chord Electronics’ Chordette products are a range of audio separates that the manufacturer would no doubt prefer are bought and used as a family, rather than as individual components. They share the same novel boutique form-factor – every one of them from DAC to power amp is housed in machined-from-solid-aluminium …

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