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Magico’s magnificent S7 – world-class speakers from California’s finest

Magico, the leader in high performance loudspeaker design and manufacture, is pleased to announce a new addition to the award winning S-Series line – the S7. The company’s latest design, the S7, trcickles down many of the technologies developed for the limited-edition, £130,000-per-pair M Project speakers, drawing upon all the elements …

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Aesthetix Romulus & Pandora DACs now available in ‘Signature’ editions

Widely known as masters of analogue and obsessed with natural sound quality, California-based Aesthetix took their time before venturing into the digital domain. But they are no strangers to digital: Founder and chief designer Jim White spent his formative years with a leading digital audio company. “I could have made …

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McIntosh’s 80,000-watt Despacio club system touring in 2015!

  McIntosh laboratory’s Despacio, the unique club-orientated sound system conceived by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Belgian artists TooManyDJs, is set to tour in 2015. Personally designed by James Murphy and renowned recording engineer John Klett, with help from McIntosh Laboratory and Jordan Acoustics, this ground-breaking sound system is the …

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Dynaudio launch new Contour high performance Limited Edition loudspeaker series

Construction, crossover and driver upgrades enhance audio performance Contour S 1.4 LE and S 3.4 LE available now in four luxurious finishes Known for handcrafting high performance loudspeakers from the ground up in Skandeborg, Denmark, Dynaudio has become synonymous with audio excellence. Providing professional monitors for the BBC and Air …

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Luscious Luxman’s Lure Music Lovers

Luxman, one of the world’s oldest and most revered audio brands, celebrates 90 years of audio excellence with the arrival of the D06u CD/SACD player, C-700u stereo preamplifier and M-700u stereo power amplifier. Beautifully built with a crisp, classic look and feel, all three components remain true to their heritage whilst embracing the …

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Audio Music 805S Monoblocks / RT-2 Preamplifier Review

I used to think that the law of returns was cast-iron; up to a point you get what you pay for, beyond it, progressively less for considerably more outlay. Yet recently I’ve heard two absolutely rocking systems built around some really quite humble components. A lot, for a lot less, …

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