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Accoustic Solid S111
Accoustic Solid S111

Acoustic Solid 111 Turntable Review

Acoustic Solid S111 Turntable

This is the entry level turn table from German high end manufacturer Acoustic Solid. It comes as a package deal including a tone arm and cartridge and you should read on… The words entry level do it a disservice..

Techie stuff?

The  111 comes fitted with a Rega RB100 (OEM) arm and a NAG MM cartridge. It has an off board motor which drives the heavy metal platter via a small rubber band. The motor controller allows for 33 or 45 rpm and has fine tune adjustments on it, to set the correct speed. It also has a torque indicator light to tell the user when it’s up to speed (which is nice).

What is it like?

To me it’s very sexy. It has a solidity that is obvious from the first time you pick up the box. Opening the lid on the box reveals amazing attention to detail in the packaging (which is a work of art in itself) and it’s a solid beast of the thing. The styling is rather F Plan meets 2012, which I found very appealing.

One is not surprised to see “made in Germany” on the side of the box. This thing has typical Bavarian attention to detail and feels incredibly well made. Certainly you are getting your moneys’ worth, which in this day and age is more important than ever and also sadly all too rare a treat.

Yes, yes, but does it sound any good?

Better than it has any right to, at £995.00 including arm and cart! I found the sound to be quite neutral and balanced. Listening to Kraftwerk’s Minimum Maximum it sounded clean, clear and added little and certainly took nothing away. It was not clinical, it had warmth (although I use a valve phono stage – Puresound P10 – so we can’t rule that out) and had plenty of musicality. It was involving and simply satisfying on many levels. However, listening to Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues was a revelation, I’ve listed to this album countless times and never heard it sound so rounded and funky, it had an extra groove and zip to it that was hugely enjoyable. You really do need to hear one for yourself.

Should I buy one?

Well, I have.. It trounced my old project RPM 5 and at this price it was an obvious move. I am now saving for a serious cart to take it to the next level. After that, maybe a tone arm upgrade. It will take it, you could spend the same again on tone arm and cart and still have bought yourself a bargain. It’s ridiculously good. It may well be a bad thing for Acoustic Solid, as their more expensive players will need to be oh so amazing.. Thank goodness reports I’ve had suggest they are!


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