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Aktyna Decoupling System

For an interview with the designer which explains the principles involved much better than there is room for here see www.audiophiles.gr/interviews.

These 35mm tall feet are of excellent manufacture and finish likely to last a lifetime. The smaller top inverted cone has a screw hole under the removable foam insert so that threaded male screws of differing diameter such as an M6 or M8 which can be inserted into equipment and speakers in place of the standard feet.

Apart from raising the equipment by 35mm and making it appear to float they provide Clarity, Dynamics and Focus. I cannot describe the reasons as to why they do this as they feel hewn from solid.

She who must be obeyed came downstairs when I placed them under the kit asking why was I playing music louder. I wasn’t. Intrigued I went upstairs and yes you could hear Daft Punk clearly. Not drone, thud, thud but the whole piece. They were having a positive effect. As I had three pairs to hand I tried them under the pre, phono and TT or pre Transport and DAC with the same result.

If you have a system and a room that you are happy with there is a cumulative effect of adding them under each piece. I was hoping that they would make the speakers go an octave lower, they do not but they do tighten imaging, depth and add clarity allowing you to hear further into nuances of diction, miking or recording ambiance making the most of the kit you have.

Highly recommended and available now from BD Audio.

ARIS Evo2, set of three: £250, set of four: £330
DynARIS, set of three: £330, set of four: £435

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