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Arcam To Preview Their 2016 AV Receivers Range


Arcam of Cambridge – AV RECEIVERS 2016

As one of the very few audio specialists in the world to design AV receivers, Arcam has developed a reputation for balancing a finely-honed technical specification, with world class audio performance. These new AVR’s are quite simply, the highest performing AV receivers Arcam has ever made and some of the finest in the world.

Far removed from the cheap, dazzlingly feature-laden AV boxes that are so common, the new Arcam AVRs are serious video & audiophile products. Equally at home with high-resolution surround or two-channel music, all deliver stunning realism with everything from heavy-weight blockbusters to concert videos to stereo folk, string quartets, quiet jazz and banging dance music. Their neutrality allows them to outperform on all music and all sources.


ARCAM AVR850 £4200. The new champion AVR, top of Arcam’s range and with the power and performance of 7 channels of Class G Hi-Fi Amplification, combined with state-of-the-art 4k video and exceptional connectivity.

ARCAM AVR550 £2200. Most of the above, with a bit less power and Arcam’s finest conventional amplifiers.

ARCAM SR250 £2500. A unique Stereo AV receiver. The power and performance of a High-end Class G Hi-Fi amplifier, with the connectivity of a world-class AV amp. Literally the best of both worlds for people who want great Hi-Fi and a new breed of Movie and TV sound.

– World-Class Video, World-Beating Sound.
– Less feature frippery and more performance in every single area that matters.
– No competitors deliver better sound on movies or music.

All include
– 4K (UHD) video compatible including HD ULTRA upscaling
– 7 x HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP2.2 – 3 HDMI outputs – ARC compatible
– Auto setup with advanced “Dirac Live for Arcam” room correction
– Ethernet, RS232 and IR control for Custom Install
– Free MusicLife iOS AV Streaming and Control app
_ Music networking including Spotify Connect
– On board regulated power supply for rSeries digital input components

CLASS-G Amplifiers
The AVR850 and SR250 use Arcam’s ultra-refined class G amplification, which allows the them to run in full class A for most of the time and then switch into class G for huge reserves of clean power. To hear what this delivers, just try a piece of music or a movie you thought you knew.

A note on Dolby Atmos©
The 850 and 550 are 7.1 receivers and can implement Dolby Atmos brilliantly, in a typically used 5.1.2 channel cinema system. We have chosen not to install and charge for, multiple power channels that will probably never be used. For enthusiasts who want to implement full-fat 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos systems, Arcam will offer a matching 4 Channel Power amplifier in Spring 2016.

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