Hi Everyone,

Now I will try to contain my enthusiasm for these speakers, especially when partnered with the new Western Electric 91E amp we now have on demo but I have a feeling that I will fail miserably.

Firstly I must say that after 10+ years of being involved in HiFi sales I feel I have heard most things but it is so good when something comes along that has the ability to make your hairs stand up on end and make an emotional connection and I don't know what it is with these DeVore speakers but they really do something to me, in talks with Wendy at the moment to see if we can convert our snug at home to be a listening room so I can accommodate a pair myself.

I borrowed a pair form Absolute Sounds early last year and wrote a blog so I won't go over the same ground again, you can read my original thoughts below, but I was curious now that we have our demo pair if I still had the same thoughts 12 months on and unsurprisingly I do, I just find them absolutely captivating with just how open and uncoloured they are, they really do make you want to listen to all your favourite music again as it is like you are hearing it for the first time, for vocals I really don't think I have ever heard better.


I am jumping ahead of myself a little here though as I should have said that we now have our demo Orangutan 0/96 speakers here along with their baby brother the 0/93's, as you have gathered I am rather fond of the 0/96's but last week was the first time I had heard the 0/93's and in all honestly they are just as enjoyable, for a smaller space these would be perfect or if the budget can't quite stretch to the 0/96's, these are a really nice place to be. To get them up and running as quickly as we could we hooked them up to the new Naim Classic 200 kit, now I had heard that DeVore speakers work best with a low powered valve amp so Naim couldn't have been further from that but as a combo it really does work, extremely engaging and musical so it shows me the DeVore speakers, although extremely efficient, will work with any amplification, it will depend more on the presentation you prefer.

Western Electric 91E now on Demo!

So knowing that I was in love with the 0/96's I wanted an amp that would get the very best form them and it was suggested that I should look at the Western Electric 91E with its 300B valves delivering between 14-20 watts, firstly I was smitten on the looks but once hooked up to our 0/96's I was totally sold, it really is a sound you get totally lost in. Over the last few days I have had a few people in listening and everyone has said the same, it really as if the performer is in the room, you just can't ask for more than that.

I won't go on anymore as I could bore the pants of any audiophile about how great this speaker and amp combo is, all I can urge is that you come in for a listen as in all likeliness it will be a sound like you have never heard before.

My plan is to have pretty much the full range of DeVore speakers on demo soon and I will be arranging a DeVore open day asap as I just want everyone to hear these speakers so watch this space but for now please find their speaker range in the link below + some pics -


Western Electric 91E 300B Integrated Amplifier



DeVore Fidelity Orangutan 0/93 Speakers

Devore Orangutan O:93 2.JPG

Devore Orangutan O:93 1.JPG

Devore Orangutan O:93 3.JPG

DeVore Fidelity Orangutan 0/96 Speakers

Devore Orangutan O:96 2.JPG

Devore Orangutan O:96 3.JPG

Devore Orangutan O:96 4.JPG

Devore Orangutan O:96 5.JPG