Hi All,

Just a quickie to say that we now have the new and improved MKII SME Model 12 turntable on permanent demo, Arguably the Model 12 has always been the sweet spot in the SME range, along with the Synergy this has always been our most popular SME turntable but now SME have taken it to Mark II status it is an even better proposition.

There have been many improvements that were trickled down from the flagship Model 60 and you can really hear the step up, the main change though is going from a DC power supply to the new AC supply which is now split over 2 boxes which again shows its influence from the Model 60.

Now I love SME, I actually run a model 15 at home, but I must admit that I was a little sceptical at the MKII status as the bulk of the turntable looks the same as the previous model, which to be fair is no bad thing as it looks stunning and is built like a tank, but as soon as I heard it I was really surprised what SME have managed to do here, they have found a way to give a more open sound with more depth and transparency, I would argue that it has jumped above my Model 15, maybe time for me to upgrade that to a MK II.

Our Model 12 is fitted with the excellent 309 tonearm and the Dynavector TKR MC Cartridge, I would say this is a really well matched setup so if like me you love your vinyl and would love to hear what the new Model 12 MKII can offer please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo.

Don't just take my word for it though please find a link to the HiFi News review below -


Also please find a link to new MK II SME Range on our website -