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Audio Origami stylus tip kit and headshell level.

I just bought a little stylus magnifying glass and cleaner from J7 at Audio Origami. It also came with a tiny level for checking your head shell is flat.

You can see the kit here: http://www.audioorigami.co.uk/F_Sale/ForSale.htm

Ingenious little glass, has a light and shows the tip very clearly. It means you only use the tip cleaner (supplied) when necessary. It’s often difficult to tell if the dirt or crackle is being generated by stubborn dirt in the groove or on the stylus. This clears the matter up very quickly and saves unessential tip cleaning. All of us want our cartridge to last as long as possible and cleaning it, even with a suitable tool such as this one saves you wearing the tip or risking cleaning when it’s not needed. Also blowing on the tip to remove dust simply sprays the whole cart with moisture, certainly not what you want!


There is also a tiny spirit level with a sticky foot, to attach (temporarily) to your head shell, to ensure it’s flat when in the groove.

The tip cleaner is the same on that was supplied with my Benz Glider, so we can be confident it’s a decent device.

All up very much worth the very low asking price. And J7 is a gent to deal with. Recommended.



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