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AUDIO WORLD 2013 – Manchester – Show announced!

23/24 MARCH

Launched at Heathrow in 2002 it’s clear remit at the time was its unique early Spring slot,  it’s eclectic mix of Exhibitors specifically concentrating and trying to remain true to 2 channel Audio.
Although it has gone through several name changes, it’s still the same show with those same objectives; although steadily and organically it has moved more upmarket each year where there continues to be strong demand for those products and services that are a little bit harder to find.

Usually limited to just 25 Exhibitors, it made the important decision in 2011 to lift its loins and go walkabout, and this has proven to be a very successful move indeed.

Because with just two shows now in the UK of any importance, the National Audio Show Whittlebury and Bristol this show ‘must’ go to the market, and be a touring flag waver, so that as many people as possible have the chance to see and hear the magic of high performance audio systems . . as Organisers this is a key responsibility to the industry as a whole.
So this year we head off to the North of England to a venue we know so very well, and has hosted many successful events for us: The Radisson Blu at Manchester Airport.

This is the Hotel were a number of high profile Exhibitors said had some of the best sounding rooms in the business, and allied to its great access, it’s huge variety of proper Suites on two big levels, not to mention the charming staff and Bed & Breakfast rates in a double room for well under £100.00 this was a no brainer, particularly as with the cancellation of the Audio-T Show in Manchester City Centre there is now no show in the North. And for our overseas visitors ( which were always very healthy ) it’s the only venue in the World were one can alight from the plane and walk undercover to the show in a few minutes!
Obviously were we go in 2014 is to some extent down to the trade, be it Scotland, the North East. The Midlands or back down South again, but one thing is for certain this is a show you love, and will not let go off, and thus will continue well into the future.
Opening times are as usual: Sat: 10 – 5.00 & Sun: 10 – 4.00
Tickets and full details now available from www.chestergroup.org
Thank you
The Chester Group Team

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