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Modwright Elyse DAC Review

For a company that started out nearly fifteen years ago providing modifications to digital equipment, Modwright’s first standalone DAC has had a long gestation. Still if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.  And in that time Dan and the team have undoubtedly spent many hours honing their skills in …

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Acoustic Energy 103 Loudspeakers Review

In many ways I’m the worst possible person to review these speakers. My frame of reference is a bit skewed. I haven’t listened properly to a pair of box speakers for the best part of three years, and I haven’t critically listened to, or owned a pair of speakers that …

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Acoustic Energy Aego M Speaker System Review

How much time do you really spend with your main HiFi? Unless you are lucky enough to be able to sit in front of your main system all day, chances are you have some kind of second system for when you are working from home, or that all too common …

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Bliss music library management software

If you are a long term user of computer audio, or even if you just dabble now and again, you’ll know that the key to a good user experience is accurate tags and decent artwork.  Otherwise the main strengths of file-based music libraries; searching and browsing, become a chore.  Somewhere …

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