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Wychwood Audionics F3 Foo Free Mains Filtration

I am biased as I already own a Wychwood mains filter, but this news has really interested me. Read below for the full details and contact Purite North for more information.                                       …

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Allnic H3000 Phono Stage Review

This is the follow up to my review of the entry point H-1201, except this time we hit the opposite end with the range topping H-3000. The difference is that this is an all out assault on the phono stage market complete with LCR technology – which is not easy …

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Allnic H-1201 Phono Stage Review

Allnic H1201 Phono Stage

It isn’t every day that you speak to dealer and they offer you the chance to hear a product line up from top to bottom. It happened by chance when ordering a new set of valves from Richard at Lotus Hifi for my Allnic H-1500, he was going on holiday …

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Audio Note Tonearm Three III Review

It’s funny how one thing leads to another. For example, collecting a set of speakers from a fellow “Wammer’s” house led me to buy a new tone arm.. Not just any tone arm, but a new model from Audio Note. It’s not every day AN bring out new kit, so …

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Audio Note Io Cartridge Review

Introduction to the Io Audio note only make one range of moving coil (MC) cartridges, the “Io” and this is the entry level unit. They are unusual cartridges in that they only output 0.05mV which is tiny compared to most MC’s. This adds a slight issue in that you will …

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