Wednesday , 22 November 2017
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SW1X Audio Design DAC 1 Signature – a Review by Kevin Fiske

It is a rare thing indeed to witness the hatching of a new and enduring British high end audio brand. I hope, really hope, that this what we are seeing in the first flutterings of SW1X Audio Design of Coggeshall, Essex. Founder Dr Slawa Roschkow’s debut commercial products are a …

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Consonance Cyber 211S Monoblock Tube Amplifiers Review

My last review for the ‘wam, of Allnic’s T2000 integrated amplifier, was the easiest, least stressful to write for ages. The T2000 was simply honest-to-goodness sonic value and despite the fact that as a rule I’d rather not have to suffer push-pull amplification, I could happily have lived with the …

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Allnic T2000 Integrated Amplifier Review

  The Allnic T2000 integrated push-pull tube amplifier has been a real breath of fresh air. It is one of only a very few products I’ve had here for audition in the last two years that has not given me a single moment of anxiety. Let me explain. While there …

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Audio Music 805S Monoblocks / RT-2 Preamplifier Review

I used to think that the law of returns was cast-iron; up to a point you get what you pay for, beyond it, progressively less for considerably more outlay. Yet recently I’ve heard two absolutely rocking systems built around some really quite humble components. A lot, for a lot less, …

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Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B and 6SN7 Tubes Review

Click away now if you are of a sensitive disposition. This isn’t going to be pretty. It’s a story of the pursuit of audio perfection (so we know already it will end in tears), a story of decisiveness in adversity, of capitalism and market forces in the raw, of Western …

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Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B Output Tube Review –

…An examination of provenance, quality and production costs in the murky world of audio tube manufacture I recently bought a quad of Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300Bs (shortened to SERP hereafter) and found that, to my ears and in my system, they perform better than even vintage Western Electric 300Bs, …

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