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New top-of-range Madake cartridge from Miyajima

  Singled out as one of The Absolute Sound’s top three ‘Auspicious Debuts’ at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Miyajima’s newest top-of-the-range stereo cartridge, the Madake, is now available in the UK. The clue about what makes the Madake special lies in its name: Madake is the Japanese term …

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Leema Acoustics’ legendary Xen returns! Announcing the new Xen 2 loudspeaker

Leema Acoustics, the internationally respected hi-fi manufacturer founded and run by two ex-BBC sound engineers, has launched the Xen 2 loudspeaker; the original Xen having been the result of a research project to squeeze a BBC-graded monitor speaker into a 5L cabinet ! The new Xen 2 is based on …

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News from Harbeth

HAPPY 20th TO RADIAL™ Celebrating two decades of Harbeth’s unique cone material which has transformed loudspeaker development by the British-owned brand. In twenty years, nothing comes close to the open sound of a Harbeth RADIAL™ drive unit. Since creating RADIAL™ twenty years ago now, Harbeth has not looked back. Its …

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S Series Speakers Supply Sumptuous Sonics

  Quad’s latest loudspeaker range, the S Series, sports a bespoke ribbon tweeter for a spellbindingly sensuous sound Quad, the distinguished British audio brand, marks its 79th year with an all-new loudspeaker range: the S Series. Each model combines advanced Kevlar-coned bass/midrange drivers with a specially designed ribbon tweeter, supplying effortless sonic expression …

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IsoAcoustics Brings Speaker Isolation to New Levels of Utopia

Modular Aluminum Acoustic Isolation Stands Complement Focal’s Ultra High End Maestro Utopia Loudspeakers   At the High End show in Munich, Europe’s largest trade fair for high-end entertainment, IsoAcoustics  brought speaker isolation to new levels of utopia with the stylish IsoAcoustics Modular Aluminium acoustic isolation stands being used to complement Focal’s very …

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Magico’s magnificent S7 – world-class speakers from California’s finest

Magico, the leader in high performance loudspeaker design and manufacture, is pleased to announce a new addition to the award winning S-Series line – the S7. The company’s latest design, the S7, trcickles down many of the technologies developed for the limited-edition, £130,000-per-pair M Project speakers, drawing upon all the elements …

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