Wednesday , 22 November 2017
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Amptastic Mini-1 T-Amp Amplifier Review

A few years ago this forum was ablaze with Mini-T amp hyperbole. Probably just another passing fad I assumed yet it is clear that there are many who love these diminutive boxes.  So as a brief background I recently had a pair of Combak Bravo standmount speakers and was searching …

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Jolida Glass FX Tube Dac III

  After finally getting around to ripping my CD collection it seems that 2013 has been the year that I started to seriously look at some standalone DAC options and try and see what separates one from another. I mean its all digital so surely a DAC is a DAC …

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Modwright LS100 valve Pre amp & KWA100SE Power Amp Review

Following my recent opportunity to review the Modwright LS36.5DM and KWA150SE I was so taken with the performance of the KWA150SE power amplifier that I wanted to explore the possibility of moving from valve to solid state power amplification and was keen to hear the smaller, more affordable KWA100SE in …

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Trichotomy – Fact Finding Mission

  Label: Naim Format: Vinyl, CD, Download Country: Australia Release: 2012 Genre: Jazz BUY ALBUM SPOTIFY Before I begin I will lay my cards on the table and state that jazz in general is not my usual thing and certainly not the most popular genre on this forum. With the …

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Hush Speaker Isolation Platforms

It was with some curiosity that I took the opportunity to spend some time with these speaker isolating platforms from Hush.  The pair I received came in a very attractive oak wood and the construction looked to be of a very high quality. The top platform is made of Black …

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