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BD Audio to stock Aktyna Vibration Isolation Feet




Transmitted vibration is a serious issue that often causes major problems with sensitive hi-fi equipment. With the range of Aktyna feet, BD Audio have the perfect solution! Aktyna anti-resonance feet are designed to massively reduce the transmission of mechanical vibration. The ingenious construction features Aktyna’s ARIS (anti-resonance interface system) dynamic mechano-thermal and piezo coupling methods, effectively reducing vibration to minimal levels.

The feet are available in two versions. The ARIS Evo2 and the DynARIS. The ideal combination is to use the Evo2 to support turntables and sensitive electronic devices such as CD transports and players or valve equipment. The DynARIS is suitable for heavier items, such as loudspeakers and subwoofers. The feet are suitable for use on any surface and can support up to 60kg each. Placed under loudspeakers or subs, Aktyna feet massively reduce transmitted subsonic and very low frequencies, resulting in a ‘cleaner’ sound and resolving issues with sensitive equipment.

In addition to the ranges of feet, there is a direct-coupling adapter designed for the B&W 800 range of loudspeakers.



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